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If you have ever experienced an earthquake, you have felt the awesome, natural power of the Earth. Do you remember that moment? That Seismic Moment when you realize that you are not in control and everything else in the world seems to fade away. Your senses are heightened and your body instinctively fights to restore equilibrium. Everything seems just a little bit different, because your perspective has shifted.

We want to capture that same sensory experience in our beers. In every new recipe we brew, we focus on 5 elements: aromatics, balance, complexity, depth of flavor, and brewer’s creative expression for the particular style of beer. We want each sip of every Seismic brew to change the way you experience beer. Instead of tasting a variation on a familiar theme, each style is carefully crafted to shift your perception on what a beer can be. We collaborate as a team on recipe development until we achieve the nuanced flavor that each one of us agrees is worthy of the Seismic name.

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